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Hi! Exchange your money for good karma, from you to me to the universe and back to you in many possible or unexpected ways. Karma can return when you least expect it and when you most need it. Cosmically safeguard your future. Suggested donation amounts are in increments of prime numbers due to their deep significance.

Skeptical? Put it to the test. After you donate, something good is bound to happen to you in return. Travel and return home unscathed tomorrow, thanks to your generosity today.

Thanks, good karma, and warm fuzzies!


Thank you so much Karma Exchange! My ear infection left as quickly as it came. My pneumonia is also abating more quickly than I would have believed.

The universe sent me a new abandoned baby kitten to love and nurture since I donated. Karma Exchange is good!

My financial issues with insurance resolved immediately. The obstacles had vanished suddenly. My health insurance told me that my treatment would be covered after all! Thanks, Karma Exchange!

I have had on-going good luck thanks to Karma Exchange. There can be no other possible reason.

I gave a couple of bucks and then found my missing keys under the sofa cushions. I credit Karma Exchange. Fulfillment came full circle!

Giving materially filled me spiritually. Karma Exchange is sublime.

  • Why do you ask for donations instead of charging for a service?
    Good karma does not necessarily come from commercial transactions. The greater the gift and desire to do good by giving, the greater the karma.

  • What if I already have good karma?
    Nice karma you have there. It would be a shame if something bad happened to it. Seriously, accumulating good karma can be helpful, no?
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No perishables or live animals please.
Come to think of it, no dead animals either please.

Dwolla donations accepted too.